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Swimming with dragons

The tiny little newt is sitting tight on my finger. It hinders my movements while I am swimming in this small pound, trying to capture good images of the Great Crested Newts (Triturus cristatus) which are gathered here to mate and spawn.
Read more

Diving in Saltstraumen - the strongest whirlpool in the world

I am not without a little quivering in my body. Nervous trembling and exitement strike me as I stand there holding on to my camera. Vebjørn Karlsen has invited me to dive in the strongest whirlpool in the world. He has made many dives here before and says that it is possible without large problems. Read more

A fascinating World under Water NORWAY

In the splendour of shapes and colours in the underwater world is mentioned, then automatically warm, tropical seas appear in the mind. But it is wrong to believe diving and photographing is worthwhile there only. The cooler waters are particularly rich in nutrients and support a large number of organisms including some most unusual creatures. This is also true for the coast of Norway that is being influenced by northern Atlantic currents and hence the Gulf Stream. Aided by this underwater photo equipment Erling Svensen was able to catch the fascination of these habitats rarely ever visited by divers, and to bring it up from the deep close to our eyes.... Read more

The sea trees of Trondheim
Unique conditions in the chilly waters of Norway's Trondheimsfjord (above) provide a habitat for coral sea bushes and sea trees normally found only at great depths. There's even a coral reef there, albeit no bigger than a Volkswagen van! Rudolf Svensen recalls an autumn expedition not far south of the Arctic Circle.  Read more

The greedy rockling

  I live very close to the sea, and in the winter time, I dress in my basement and make night dives on the beach in front of my house every week. Last winter I was on my way back to the beach, when I spotted a dead fish with a sea star on with my torch. Read more
Beautiful and rare corals on old offshore installations

It is October 1995. I am standing on one of the bridges connecting the offshore installations on the Frigg Field in the North Sea. It took the chopper aprox. one hour to get here, so it is really far out in the open sea. I am watching the big waves breaking on the steel foundation of the platform TCP1 while I think of what happened last evening. Read more
UWPhoto ANS is a sub sea stock photo agency with images mainly from wet environments. Marine fauna is our specialty, but you will find images of many different types on our web pages.

On these web pages, you will be able to buy high-resolution photos, which you may download and use directly. They are for use in books, newspapers, on web pages etc.
Meeting a strange sea slug (Akera bullata).

My brother Rudolf and I was on a diving job in the fjord of Hardanger this winter. We dived on several locations and had already done two dives when we came to something that looked like a rather uninteresting dive. Read more

Diving Norway's Fjords

Coral eggs in the cold waters of Norway's biggest fjord provide an unforgettable experience for Rudolf Svensen, but what would he and his companions find in the smaller but more spectacular fjords of the south-west?
It was August 1999, the day before full moon, and, so far as I am aware, the incredible sight I had just witnessed had never been photographed in cold waters before - Pennatula phosphorea and Funiculina quadrangularis corals, complete with "gameter" - tiny balls that include both eggs and sperm - nestling at the tops of their arms.
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Recent development on lobster farming in Norway– prospects and possibilities

Due to a high market demand, low wild catches and a continuing increase in prices, the European lobster has become a promising candidate for closed-cycle and controlled aquaculture. In 2000, the company Norwegian Lobster Farm AS initiated an extensive R&D project on the European lobster, in cooperation with the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen and Stavanger University College Read more


Barentsphoto. Pictures photographed by Oyvind Ravna



Image of the month :

Beautiful and rare corals on old offshore installations.


It is October 1995. I am standing on one of the bridges connecting the offshore installations on the Frigg Field in the North Sea. It took the chopper aprox. one hour to get here, so it is really far out in the open sea. I am watching the big waves breaking on the steel foundation of the platform TCP1 while I think of what happened last evening. We were down in the concrete shaft of the platform TCP2. 90 metres below the surface it was only the concrete walls that kept the sea apart from us. I was wondering what it looked like on the other side of the wall? What kind of marine creatures lived outside in the opne sea? It would be very exciting to dive on one of these installations, but it is not possible. Offshore regulations, rough conditions and inaccessibility will make sure I never get my dream fullfilled.


19. March 2010. I hoist the tank on to my sholders, grab the camera with my right hand and start walking towards the water together with my brother Erling. In the sea just in front of us is the rest of the jacket from TCP1 resting outside the quay. The last two years have the installations on the Frigg Field been stripped down piece by piece and this part of the steel jacket is the last to be cut into pieces. On one leg lying on the qay behind us is loads of the deepwater coral Lophelia pertuisa. We are here to photograph, film and take gene samples of what hopefully is alive corals. A bit more than an hour later is the job done. The memory cards are full of unique images and we feel very lucky that we have had this opertunity to experience something like this. Not only did we find large occurrences of the reef building coral Lophelia Pertusa, but we also found many specimens of the coral Desmophyllum cristagalli which have been registered in Norway only a couple of times. While we are on our way back to Stavanger, the corals outside the quay have their own peoblems. Soon the jacket they grow on will be cut to pieces, hoist on to trucks and sent to a plant where they will be melted down to new steel structures.


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